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Individual approach

Whether for your internet department or BDC service department, we provide the expertise you need to turn your BDC into a revenue generating department.

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Create your own Alchemy

By utilizing the Business Development System (BDS) created by its founder, BDC Alchemy connects the various polarities in the dealership.

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Data-driven growth

Through the combined use of CRM’s, Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Business Intelligence, the BDS system creates a revenue generating BDC which is driven by data and articulates sustainable business strategies.

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Discover the BDC Alchemy

BDC Alchemy is very much about exploring the unknown.

We want to help you develop modern sales skills, that are required to shine on the ever-changing market. This is why you can choose your individual learning path.

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Shawn Armoer - The Alchemist

Shawn Armorer has been an Auto Industry veteran for 20 years. Having started his career washing cars, he has held positions including Service Manager, BDC Director & Customer Service Manager for some of Canada’s largest dealer groups. With 5 BDC builds in his career, his expertise ranges from coaching, training and consulting for BDC best practices.

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BDC Alchemy

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Login from everywhere in the World. You will be able to learn at your own pace.
The system is incredibly versatile and can be successfully applied in various fields: manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, financial and public sectors, education, television, retail, and so on. .
At our mentoring sessions, we will be discussing your results aand your specific business situation
The system is incredibly versatile and can be successfully applied in various industries.

Skills you will develop


BDC Bulding
Changing the way you think about your business.

Team Building
Learn how to develop Teams that thrive, in various envorments.

Modern tools
Master all the needed digital skills to become a better leader.

Effective collaboration
Learn how to lead your teams to reach their goals.

Leadership skills
It's not more about KPI's. It's all about being humble and human.

Value-based approach
No more pushy selling techniques, and cold calling days.

Trusted by over 30 customers worldwide


Discover how BDC Alchemy can help you and your business

We want to make sure that you get the most out of the BDC Alchemy. Please let us know how can we be at service.

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